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Frequently asked questions

What Care do you offer?

Our homes offer a range of care services - residential, nursing care for dementia and Mental health disorders, More details can be found on the individual home pages. Our care and support will adapt and change to the needs of the resident, and we will do our best to enable the residents to stay in their chosen homes for as long as possible.

Are you regulated?

In England we are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England

Can residents participate in the running of the homes?

Yes, we want all our residents to feel at home. We have regular forums where residents can express their opinions and contribute to their life in their care home. Families and residents are encouraged to complete annual surveys and share their opinions and suggestions to help improve our service

Can my loved one be asked to leave the home?

Only If we are unable to meet the residents needs and if fees have remained unpaid for a period of time

What facilities do your homes offer?

These vary depending on the size and layout, please refer to the individual home pages for more information

Can we bring our own furniture?

Yes, part of process of settling into a new environment is to encourage our residents to personalise their rooms with their personal cherished possessions including photographs, pictures, ornaments etc. All electrical items will be PAT tested and furniture risk assessed for suitability

Are Pets allowed to live or visit the home?

Most of our homes can accommodate small domestic pets however the Manager of the home will treat each case independently and the decision will be dependent on Various factors including the impact of the pets on the rest of the residents

How does my loved one receive their mail?

All mail will be delivered to your room daily, unopened.

What activities do you offer?

The activities offered vary by home and form the heart of the care we provide. The day is always packed with a variety of activities, and these are tailored to the residents need to include games, exercises, and entertainment. If there are any specific hobbies or activities your loved ones enjoy, we will do our best to incorporate these into our programme.

What type of service do you offer for mealtimes?

We offer freshly cooked meals from locally sourced produce where possible. Meals consist of a full English breakfast and a choice of starter, main course and dessert for the main meal which could be either lunch or dinner depending on the home. Snacks are available throughout the day and residents can also have their meals served in their rooms should they wish.

My loved one is very religious; can you support this?

Yes, we will do our best to ensure residents have access to any religious groups they are a part of. Religious and spiritual beliefs are respected by our team members.

Do you offer daily newspapers?

Every home have newspapers delivered for the communal areas. Most of our homes can also have papers delivered to your room for your personal use from the local newsagents. Please talk to the manager to arrange this.

What type of funding do you accept?

We accept self-funders and residents who eligible for local authority contributions which may need to be topped up by a third party to meet our weekly Fee. Trial period: Your first 28 days is considered a trial period, during which either you or we can end the contract. We will only end the contract during the trial period if we are unable to meet your needs. After 28 days we would require 28 days written notice if you wish to terminate the contract.

Changes in Fees?

There is an annual review of the fees in April each year, the increases usually cover inflation and any predictable cost increases

Contents insurance?

Residents are welcome to bring any small items of furniture and we recommend that you obtain suitable contents insurance for these items, particularly if they are valuable items

Can I visit my relative / loved one?

Yes, we welcome all family and visitors at any time during the day. Visitors can see their loved ones in the privacy of rooms or the communal lounges. Families can stay and join their loved ones for meals, and we encourage family and friends to take residents out when they can. Family and friends are an integral part of life, and we want to support this as much as possible.

Due to the Covid Pandemic our visiting policy is subject to constant change in line with the guidance issued by national and local authorities

Currently all visits need to be pre booked. Internal visits take place in the residents own bedroom. The visitor must provide a negative lateral flow test result on the day of the visit and always wear a mask The home can provide the tests if required. The home provides external visits in our beautiful visiting done, which also require a negative lateral flow test. These measures are to ensure the safety of the residents, visitors, and staff.

I still have more questions, what can I do?

We understand placing a loved one in care can be a daunting experience, if we haven’t answered all your questions, please do not hesitate to contact our home managers who would be more than happy to assist you in your queries. You may also find useful information from the following resources

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From one generation to the next, The Legacy Senior Communities has been here to care for our Jewish seniors. Today, the not-for-profit LSC remains steadfast to its Jewish values, but has evolved to serve Dallas seniors of all faiths. Through strong leadership and


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From one generation to the next, The Legacy Senior Communities has been here to care for our Jewish seniors. Today, the not-for-profit LSC remains steadfast to its Jewish values, but has evolved to serve Dallas seniors of all faiths.