Person centred care

with compassion

Types of care

  • Dementia

    Our specialised Care Team provides a person-centred care approach, for the unique and special needs of older people that are experiencing memory loss, maybe through Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

    There are many types of dementia but the most common is Alzheimer's disease. The care that we offer is person-centred. In other words we look at the individual; their unique qualities, abilities, interests, choices and needs.

    We know that providing excellent care can make a huge difference to dementia sufferers, so we aim to provide not only a comfortable and secure environment, but also one that is stimulating and rewarding and preserves and enhances our Residents' life skills. One way that we do this is through reminiscence. By triggering and exploring memories of the past we build self-confidence and most importantly we aim to keep Residents engaged and communicating

    Therefore our specialised care team seek to maximise individuals Independence in all activities of daily living, and provide discrete and sensitive support and assistance.

  • Nursing & Residential

    Every resident in our homes has their needs assessed to ensure that the level of general nursing care is appropriate to their requirements. Our nurses deliver certain aspects of care personally or alternatively they supervise a team of trained care workers to provide the care and support required to promote each patient’s health and wellbeing. Our specialised care staff provide sensitive and compassionate care, focusing on the individual needs of our residents with a tailored care plan for each person.

    We welcome residents into a homely environment that is supportive, comfortable, safe and enjoyable. We go well beyond providing accommodation, meals and personal assistance to those who can no longer cope at home either on their own or with the support of carers, we provide them a “home” where friends and family are free to visit. We aim to ensure that all of our Residents have the freedom to continue their daily life with the dignity and privacy they desire.

    Our residential care centres provide a home environment, nutritious meals, entertainment, activities and personal care around the clock, such as help with bathing, dressing, dining, mobility and other areas of care individual to you as required. All our homes have a programme of activities and some Homes have an Activities Co-ordinator who gets to know each resident and ensure the activities reflect their individual preferences. Staff ensure that there is always a fresh supply of linen and clothing for reach resident.

  • Mental Health

    We provide expert tailored care and support for people with a range of mild, moderate or severe mental health problems, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder.

    We provide 24 hour care, 7 days a week for all our residents to support each resident individual with their range of complex needs. We encourage each individual to make choices and take control of their capacity. Our staff are fully trained in all complex needs and help all residents individually and encourage them to harness the social and life skills they may require.

    We work closely with the individual, their family, professionals and the local community to develop a person centred approach to the support and care required,